UK Domains

e.g., .uk,

£5.99 per year
UK Domains are registered for 2 years for £11.98

ICANN Domains

e.g. .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info

£10.99 per year
ICANN Domains are registered for 2 years for £21.98

Eurid Domains

e.g. (.eu)

£18.00 per year
Eurid domains are registered for 1 year only.

Please note:

  • The UK and ICANN Domains registration is for two years
  • UK Domains (eg, is £5.99 per year (£11.98 for two years)
  • ICANN Domains (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info) £10.99 per year (£21.98 for two years)
  • Eurid domains (.eu) are registered for 1 year only so the amount you pay is £18.00.
  • CentralNic £65.00 for two years
  • and domains MUST have the EXACT spelling of the company name registered and the company must have been registered at least 24 hours before applying for the domain.
  • We offers a range of website packages to suit your size, needs and growth plans.
  • Since domain names are bought on a first-come-first-served basis, we can offer no guarantee that any domain name will be available by the time you order it.

Important Information

By signing up for any of our services you agree to be bound by all @UK PLC’s terms, conditions and Policies. View @UKPLC Terms and Conditions

By registering a .uk domain name, you enter into a contract of registration with Nominet UK on the following terms and conditions

ICANN top level names such as .Com, .Net, .Org, Name,biz and .info registrations are subject to the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Policy and by purchasing one of the following domains you also agree to legal terms which can be found

Under the terms of The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2013, consumers have a "cooling off" period of 14 working days from the date that the order is placed in which they may cancel orders placed by distance contract. However, the consumer's right to cancel does not apply where goods or services are clearly personalised or made to the consumer’s specifications, or once service provision has begun.

Domain names are personalised to the consumer's specifications and service provision begin from the moment the domain name registration is submitted to the registration authorities. Therefore, the consumer's right to cancel does not apply and @UK PLC will make no refund for any domain name registration other than .uk domains as Nominet (the .uk registration authority) have a 7 days cancellation policy.